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Classic Dipped
To make our classic dipped berries we start with sweet ripe juicy strawberries. Then, we hand dip these beauties in our gourmet chocolate blend and as an added bonus we drizzle the decadent berry with luscious ribbons of chocolate
Drizzle Berries white chocolate 2013-8-1
These farm fresh giant strawberries are hand-dipped in white chocolate and drizzled with luscious ribbons of semi-sweet chocolate, delightful for any occasion. Surprise someone special with this absolutely divine gift or send it to someone EXTRA SPECIAL “Yourself”.
Drizzle Berries Mixed Box
Double the chocolate goodness. 1 dozen sweet strawberries, one half hand-dipped in semi-sweet chocolate and decorated with ribbons of white chocolate and the other half hand-dipped in white chocolate and beautifully decorated with ribbons of semi-sweet chocolate.
Say it with CHOCOLATE!! One dozen sweet juicy strawberries hand-dipped in gourmet semi-sweet chocolate then drizzled with ribbons of sweet white chocolate. The perfect way to say “Thinking of you” and “Happy Anniversary”.
Semi Sweet Cheesecake Strawberries
An entire dozen of fresh juicy strawberries stuffed with real New York style cheesecake and dipped in gourmet semi-sweet chocolate, 6 topped with graham cracker crust and the other 6 drizzled with ribbons of chocolate.
1/2 & 1/2 Very Berry Cheesecake
12 Fresh juicy strawberries stuffed with real New York style cheesecake and dipped in luscious semi sweet and white chocolate with crushed graham cracker topping
White Chocolate Cheesecake Berries
Juicy strawberries stuffed with real New York Style Cheesecake hand dipped in creamy white chocolate and topped with crushed graham crackers and silky ribbons of white chocolate drizzle. 12 count (6 drizzle/ 6 crushed graham crackers)
Dipped Pineapple & MiniChocolateChip
Surprise someone special today with our "Dipped Pineapple & Morsel Berries" box. 6 pieces of freshly sliced mini pineapple daisies dipped in luscious gourmet semi-sweet chocolate and 6 juicy strawberries hand dipped in luscious gourmet chocolate, topped with melt in your mouth mini chocolate chip morsels. Order yours today.
White Chocolate Dip Berries
Our totally yummy take on the classic white chocolate dipped strawberry. Sweet juicy strawberries hand-dipped in silky white chocolate, then elegantly wrapped for your gift giving pleasure. The perfect way to say "I Love You" any day of the year.
Mixed Dipped Pineapple Box
So much deliciousness in one box. The Mixed Mini Daisy Box comes with one dozen freshly sliced mini pineapple daisy dipped in lucious semi-sweet chocolate and topped with sweet coconut flakes and crushed almonds. It's an awesome gift for that pineapple lover in your life and it also makes a great.
Mixed Berries Box
Fresh Strawberries dipped in semi-sweet and white chocolate, topped with a few of our favorite Titi-licious topping like sweet coconut flakes, mini chocolate morsels, crushed almonds and Heath toffee candy bits. The perfect romantic gift for any occasion like engagements, anniversaries and more.
Variety Box
Our "Variety Box" has all the good stuff in it. 6 Sweet mini pineapple daisies dipped in gourmet chocolate with a variety of toppings like sweet coconut flakes and crushed almonds... 3 juicy strawberries dipped in gourmet chocolate topped with drizzle and toppings! Also included is 3 of our mouth watering "Very Berry Cheesecake Surprise".... fresh strawberries stuffed with real New York style cheesecake dipped in luscious gourmet chocolate topped with crushed graham crackers. Sooo Titi-licious
Mixed Dipped Green Apples
So many delicious textures and flavors in one heavenly bite. Crunchy, Sweet and Tart Granny Smith Apple wedges dipped in luxurious gourmet chocolate and topped with nothing but the good stuff.....sweet coconut flakes, chocolate drizzle, buttery Heath toffee bits and crushed almonds.
White Chocolate Pineapple&Berries
Sweet juicy strawberries dipped in creamy white chocolate topped with ribbon of white chocolate drizzle and freshly sliced mini pineapple daisies dipped in creamy white chocolate....Soooooo Titi-licious. The perfect dessert after a romantic dinner for 2 (wink).
Chocolate Heaven
Our "Chocolate Heaven" Strawberries is a chocolate lovers dream come true. Each juicy strawberry is hand-dipped in our gourmet chocolate. For added Titi-liciousness four (4) of the strawberries are dipped in chocolate sprinkles and four (4) are dipped in rich mini chocolate chip morsels. The perfect gift for any chocolate lover.
Chocolate Lovers Rendezvous
For the chocolate lover in your life.. Our Chocolate Lovers Rendezvous box comes with one dozen fresh juicy strawberries topped with nothing but the good stuff...sweet coconut flakes, mini chocolate chip morsels and silky ribbons on luscious chocolate...Hello!!
Tiramisu Cheesecake Surprise
Our "Tiramisu Very Berry Cheesecake Surprise".. 6 Fresh strawberries stuffed with real New York style cheesecake dipped in luscious gourmet chocolate topped with a Chocolate-Covered Espresso Bean then light dusted with pure ghiradelli cocoa powder and finely grinded hazelnut coffee. the othr 6 are also stuffed with cheesecake, dipped in luscious chocolate and rolled in a mixture of fresh crushed graham cracker and hazelnut coffee. Sooo Titi-licious
Strawberry Lemoande
12 huge strawberries stuffed with a REAL New York style cheesecake dipped in lemon ice flavored white chocolate (We use pure lemon oil) 🍋🍋6 are rolled in crispy crushed graham crackers as if that’s not enough the other 6 are topped with crushed lemon head candy then drizzled with creamy silky white chocolate. Soooo refreshingly Titi-licious!!
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I purchased a groupon and picked item up on Friday morning. The presentation of the item was magnificent. My guest could not believe the platter and the fruit was so fresh.. Thank you for such a good job and will be back for more.

Ronnie P.


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